Integer Factorization: Math Graphs du Jour

These are graphs of the behavior of the terms of the Series of Ceiling Roots for m=11882081 starting with the basic Ceiling Root of 3449 and increasing by 2. (See past posts for explanation and discussion of Ceiling Roots.) This is the crazy sort of pattern of numbers I hope to tame and characterize, in…

Integer Factorization: Today’s Question

Consider an odd positive integer m for which one is seeking factorization. Consider the more or less typical case where the Ascent of the Ceiling Square of m is large, is turning out to be in the thousands or more; that is, a value of m for which the iterations of my Fermat-based factorization are…

Today’s Activism Post

Please consider signing my latest Resistbot petition. And also consider donating to Resistbot.

Integer Factorization: A 1313 Postscript, and the Next Example

I generated the Series of Ceiling Squares systematically for each Ascent associated with yesterday’s example of m=1313. I also assembled the Beehive Plot, but won’t include that here, except to say that when the hive’s slope increased linearly, the bee line was a nice parabola. Let’s do another one, slightly larger, where the factorization might…


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