Mathematical Explorations: Maximally Composite

Advertisements It’s time for some fun and games with some square-free “maximally composite” odd numbers and all their representations as the difference of perfect squares. It’s kind of like following a growing pristine wave with patterns I didn’t expect to encounter, until it smashes into foam and chaos against a rocky shore.

Practice: What Makes It Perfect?

Advertisements DISCLAIMER: In what follows, I can tell that my Christian religious background heavily flavors the material and my perspective expressed therein. I have tried to make the focus more general, to turn it into a subject from which different followers of religious or spiritual traditions can benefit. But again, my thoughts are shaped by […]

Systemic Privilege and Impostor Syndrome: A Weird Balance in My Life

Advertisements I am a White Male Heterosexual Cisgender Christian. This means a lot in American society. I am of the political view – and I recognize there are disagreeing ones – that that means I have five tickets punched in terms of systemic privilege in the Land of the Free. Life has been easier on […]

Integer Factorization: Quick Observation

Advertisements Examining the series of real values of x for which f(x)=x2+2cx+r is a perfect square, when m=c2-r is the number we wish to factor, c is the Ceiling Root, and r is the difference between m and the Ceiling Square, is not evidently any better – and is in fact a slower and unenlightening […]


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