Integer Factorization: Dopey Me


I think I’m going to have to reconfigure my whole constellation idea due to a fact that should have been obvious to me, ‘cept’n I’m dopey sometimes.

What I’ve just noticed is that subtracting even Remainder Series from odd Zone Boundary squares and vice versa is unnecessary because although the linear series that results drops by even amounts, the series terms are odd, and thus will NEVER become zero.

Okay. That’s really basic. But it also means I’m going to want to drop back and redraw everything. And it might mean there will be two constellation charts into which to paste everything: one for the gaps which step down by multiples of four and … okay, thinking gets fuzzy here, I’ve just got to sit down and do it.

But I need to confine my research to time when I’ve not got so much else to do. It would be REALLY dopey not to keep up with other necessities in life.

It will all straighten out when I do get the time to devote to it. I’m just glad I saw this. And I will keep folks updated here.

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