Integer Factorization: This Avenue Is Still Interesting.

This is the diagram. This is the way.
This is the chart I’m creating today.

Today’s work feels fun and hopeful. I am on a clear liquid diet for medical testing reasons, and that might be helping my mental clarity a bit. I am exploring the relationship between the Characteristic Polynomial and the Characteristic Line on the Zone Grid, and have discovered, possibly, a new relationship between the smaller prime (s-t) in the s2-t2 factorization of an odd discrete semiprime m, and the ratio of the solution (non-trivial) Ascent to the trivial Ascent.

So far, lines are straight, the design is pretty, and a pattern is apparent. We will see how long that lasts, and also what it gives me in terms of further integer factorization revelations. But my understanding is growing, my steps are leading to other steps, and of course I’m excited by all of this.

These are the lines that I find as I play.

This post references, as in the past several factorization posts, concepts I developed here and here.

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