Integer Factorization: The Gauntlet


[userpic:jcsbimp] gets a feeling of determination, nay, almost a feeling of finality

[userpic:jcsbimp] thinks of the past year and all he has learned, all the concepts he has developed in this mathematical study: the Ceiling Square, the Remainder, the characteristic polynomial, the Beehive Plot and the Bee Line, the Zone Grid and the Remainder Line

[userpic:jcsbimp] thinks about the mental work that possibly keeps happening even when he is asleep, and wonders how much stock to put in mental processes he does not consciously see, but that have shown a fondness occasionally for waking him up in early morning hours

[userpic:jcsbimp] ruminates on how tiring it has been, and yet, energizing,

[userpic:jcsbimp] thinks also that this has been quite the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual rollercoaster, and that if it is not really taking him somewhere important, it is quite the wasted effort, in some sense

[userpic:jcsbimp] thinks of all the ways that, even if no major finding is imminent, the effort has not been wasted

[userpic:jcsbimp] decides, despite this rationalization, that the time has come for at least a bit of motivational impatience

[userpic:jcsbimp] pulls out pen and paper, and sets about throwing down the gauntlet to the MIRIAM process*


[userpic:jcsbimp] decides to add a postscript to explain slightly his stylistic choice of typing “[userpic:jcsbimp] all through this rather than just inserting…

[*] = Moving Inspiration Rapidly Into Accepting Minds

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