So you say you want deliverance from JUDGEMENT DAY?


[copied from my Facebook post]

I’ve spent most of my religious life agreeing with theologians that if Judgement Day exists, either for the world or for an individual, such a Day is terrible, something to be dreaded. How many of us see the end goal of faith or practice as some sort of escape, bypass, or guaranteed game-winner regarding that whole terrible Judgement Day or a spiritually-comparable concept? (See, for example, the Heart being weighed against the Feather of Maat.)

But why?

Managers, particularly project managers, know well the value of a good post-mortem when the project ends, whether it is considered a success or a failure. An overview of the whole thing from the beginning, from the top down, to see what the developers did wrong, did right, and can do better next time, based on the logical and practical consequences of a design and implementation taken to its conclusion? That’s just a good standard tool for One to have in One’s repertoire if One is in charge of some kind of Creation… not to mention the benefits for what’s Created.

I only hope that there’s some demonstrable sense that some part of me will actually be around when it comes time for MY post-mortem. Heck, I’d even love to know know what will become known then.

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