Fear of Learning (copied from a Twitter Thread of Mine)


Fear of learning, especially the kind of learning that makes a human being less susceptible to manipulative indoctrination, is at the core of radically Conservative state governments’ school curriculum policies. It is unsubtle anti-intellectualism. The reasons are clear. 

To the @GOP and the Radical and Religious Right movements within you (to include Dominionist politics): You have done deliberate harm to this nation by being the chief ideological motivators of these anti-intellectual policies, along with well-paid pastors and pundits. 

That you, @GOP, along with televangelists like @Franklin_Graham & pundits on stations like @FoxNews, do not denounce this kind of censorship speaks to the powerful who pad your pockets, lobbying & donating huge amounts to discourage certain critical thinking & history. 

Why? Again, it is utterly plain: An informed individual can shake off attempts to manipulate their thought processes, & can apply reason to debunk what to others may be effective sales pitches. Corporate America fears a smart Public America. Trumpism threw this into relief. Trumpism was, in effect, Corporate Personhood rubbing our collective nose in the fact that they can manufacture our consent so effectively that millions would elect an imbecilic criminal. @Franklin_Graham@FoxNews, and @GOP boarded what they saw as a winning vehicle. 

Broadcasting regulations concerning truth in journalism should have stayed @FoxNews‘s hand in this. Matthew 18:6 should have struck fear into @Franklin_Graham. The US Constitution should fill @GOP Trumpists with fear of dire legal and electoral consequences. That these suited, privileged entities feel so insulated from such fear, by money they won from Corporate Personhood by helping America’s Ruling Class with their big anti-intellectual plan, is testimony to the moral corruption of corporations=persons and money=speech. 

@HouseDemocrats and @SenateDems legislators and candidates: I know you’ve been tending toward moderate rhetoric, in order to insure your elections and reelections. But the time is long past to overturn the corrupting influence of Citizens United and “corporate personhood”. 

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