Integer Factorization: So It Comes Down to This, Take 276


. . . you know, this used to be fun 😀 . . .

J/K, y’all, you know I’m enjoying the heck out of this number study, still. Life’s stresses have had a way of, strangely, normalizing the still very active Inspiration Process (MIRIAM), working together, of course, with the probability of anything that feels like a major revelation turning into just a minor or inconsequential one.

Still, here is where it stands, at the moment:

I have a number of examples of characterized positive odd integers, and even a Perl script to generate the characterizations for them, and now it is time to express formulaically the relationships I am seeing and the outlines of the next step(s) that form as I explore this.

It will have something to do with finding a value of X so that the characteristic F(X), a quadratic polynomial gives a value of the form X(N-X) for some N that I suspect will not be difficult to determine based on what I have assembled of the desired algorithm so far: the Ceiling Square c2 of integer m, the difference/remainder r between the Ceiling Square and m, and the next two differences/remainders when the Ceiling Square’s root is incremented by 1, twice.

It is still fun. The revelations are, however, not immediate, not occurring in my sleep, not hinting at some mystical process at work . . . not this time, not yet.

I doubt a properly administered Ayahuasca Ritual will be necessary to take the next steps. The expense and travel necessary for that would be prohibitive. Father B’s Sweat Lodge can save its otherworldly revelations for another guy.

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