Headings for a Non-Mathematical Paper in Progress


It is, in fact, political.

The Manipulation of a Nation

How America’s Prosperous Established a De Facto Ruling Class, Corrupted Government and Politics, and Got Churches, Broadcasters, and Internet/Web Media to Help

By J. Calvin Smith, jcsbimp.com 

Introduction: Where Are We, and How Did Manipulation Get Us Here?

Some History: Manifest Destiny and the Moral Philosophies of the Founding Fathers

Some More History: How Our Churches and Free Press Fit In

False History: How American Leadership Spread Lies About Our Past

  • Political Leadership
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Prominent Figures in Popular Media, both Entertainment and Information

Current Events: Corporate Personhood and Manufactured Consent

A Continuing Legacy: How Some Pastors, Pundits and Politicians Are Still At It

Diagnosing the Problem: Where Following the Money Leads Us

Moves Toward Solutions: How Being “Woke” and Blowing Whistles Can Help Save Us

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