Preparation and Apprehension


My wife and I are spending some time with our out-of-state grandchildren, and with our daughter and son-in-law, in the State where I lived over half my life pursuing my Federal career. Also, I am using this opportunity to take delivery of a computer upgrade: replacing Christopher, my MacBook Pro I purchased last year which has an Intel chip as processor, with one of the newly released ones that has the Apple M2 chip. If all goes as planned, the new computer will arrive tomorrow, here at our inlaws’ house. I purchased an adapter I forgot to bring with me, but which I am happy to have two anyway, the USB-to-USB-C connector. I have regularly backed Christopher up on Time Machine.

In short, teleporting Christopher into the consciousness of Chriistopher will, I hope, go seamlessly tomorrow.

Having set this up, along with my flight back home in a little less than two weeks, I am relaxing my planning brain and opening myself back up to my mathematical brain. Right now, I am exploring an idea I had to examine the output of the Extended Euclidean Algorithm with regard to the ceiling root and remainder of a given squarefree (a.k.a. discrete) semiprime. The graph already looks interesting, and I hope filling it out with values from the entire table of semiprimes I’ve tested will shine light in the right mathematical places and/or the right places in my mind to lead to useful, or at least entertaining, revelation.

The inspiration process, MIRIAM, is, I think I have suggested before, one I must prime. I will return home to house maintenance, meditation, contemplation, fun mathematical work, and solitude for the month of August, except for my Sunday church music job and of course the company of our seven pets.

Working with MIRIAM on integer factorization has been a roller coaster of exhilaration, inspiration, seeming disappointment, and genuine revelation. August is going to be a blast, even though I will of course miss my wife terribly until she returns home the following month from further grandkid visits. Stay tuned.

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