856981362557: A Poem

4284906812792 - 4284906812782 equals 856981362557, exactly.
I could show you why this is obvious, and why it would not tell you much of anything.
Why waste the time of both of us?
9265592 - 391182 equals 856981362557, too, but nobody knows that yet.
Except that now you do.
Forget it, because it tells you too much, and too little, multiplied together to give the illusion of just right.
It will give you the answer, rather than take you there.
And we want to find, not to be told, the clever shortcut to it: the portal, the black hole, the proper intonation of the miraculous incantation.
My job, knowing too much, is to construct the passageway for those who know nothing, which after all includes Me Right Now.
Because Knowing What Is Not Knowing How.

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