Viral Ideas Spread Regardless of Merit. It Is a Societal Obligation to Fight and Discredit the Bad Ones.


Sometimes it’s showing love to your neighbor when you point out to them – actually demonstrate in a way that they can understand – how they have been manipulated to accept and spread corrupt ideas and politics, and to support candidates whose actions are destructive and ignorant. Such a neighbor will, it is true, be shamed if they accept what you are saying, and may embarrass themselves publicly if they don’t accept it. And if someone has been manipulating them with pure ideological crap *in* *the* *name* *of* *their* *religion*, even worse – they will fight you (or at least pray for your sinful soul for trying to lead them away from a path of “righteousness”). That is not because of a lack of kindness or compassion on your part; it does not make you be in the wrong. The human community thrives best on sound ideas, and it is love and compassion for that community that most dictates that we point out – publicly – when ideas are spreading rapidly that are not sound. We’re battling VIRAL IDEAS, and viruses are built to put up a fight, or to make their host put up a fight. Expect inflammation. Keep fighting. You’re fighting and hating and trying to wipe out THE DESTRUCTIVE VIRUS, not the poor soul manipulated to defend it.

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