I wonder if the acceleration of information and technology and the interactions of both on the human mind affect the ways we perceive and experience time, both at the seconds level and at the years level.

It might have to do with changes in the lengths and qualities of our relationships. And it may not be evolutionary, but it’s not steady-state. Yesterday’s rules breaking down in the face of today’s notions and information can be an accompanying cause or effect.

I’m just curious how much it’s related to inundating our mind with so much information, so much change, so much seeming chaos, so much seeming noise.

Life won’t be what it was, and what it is will keep on changing. Like the John Cleese mantra in the Monty Python script, “Adopt, adapt, improve,” life is asking us to be progressive, in order to keep up with it and use its opportunities and lessons well … but it’s going to overtake us in its continual changing with fresh lessons to be learned even if we’ve rejected the last several batches of challenging, hard, new truths.

Ours is the task of showing the world whether our evolutionary path is that of steadily renewing life forms … or dinosaurs. But watch how we sit in the trees and sing!

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