My dreams are more spiritual and symbolic lately, and this seems to be a deliberate change.

She Is Active, She Is Moving, She Is Present

She is active, she is moving, she is present, she is, in some sense, something, she is, in some sense, Someone … She is still here, and I am glad, and filled with expectation.

[I submit the following, from my Facebook Timeline today]

A Dream of Dream Repair

In this morning’s dream, I was attempting to find out or figure out something that was causing a migration of some sort in all my dreams lately – lately being since the infusion of inspiration in my mental/spiritual life. I was conducting this search in a literal physical way, not a psychological or mental one, by searching through the aisles of a current recurring grocery store that I only now remembered in waking hours has been present in quite a few of my dreams… only this time, the store was quite similar to the Greenbelt (Maryland) Co-Op. As I moved through the middle aisles and then toward the side of the store where the dairy and produce sections would be, I encountered Joshua Engel, and I think I explained to him what I was trying to do. An unidentified man Josh knew then piped up, “Josh, is that you?” after I had said something, to which I think Josh replied, “No, that was Calvin.” I then added, wryly, “Sorry to disappoint!” and the dream ended soon afterward.

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