Dare to Ask.


The challenging points of view and the tough questions of soundly reasoning citizens can be, in a practical sense, the forms of free speech and open, honest communication most valuable to any system of government, and especially one based on representation and democracy. We do not know where good, new ideas or important questions will originate, or when. The next one could be waiting to come out right now, exposing – and perhaps shaming – us for not yet having thought about it that way, or for ignoring a problem that made raising that question or idea an imperative for the one(s) doing so.

But – or perhaps Therefore! – those questions and points of view are also, strangely, the ones that those being challenged by them least want to hear. “There those Progressives go again.”

Efforts at marginalization – or even at discouraging such well-reasoned questions and perspectives – are present, they are discriminatory, and they are active.


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