Frustratingly Frequent Frontier Internet Irritations


We live in a location with no cell phone service, in the Northwest Georgia mountains, down a little unpaved road that our Internet Service (and Phone) provider says makes us their most distant customer. Our download speed rarely gets above 2Mbps and is usually a bit below that. And area service outages? Count on one of them every month or two, lately. NOBODY in our neighborhood is happy with their Frontier Communications service, but there is very little we can do about it. We are looking into looking into Elon Musk’s Spiffy Satellite Solution, but I need to take the first steps toward actually doing that, or toward using our Dish Satellite TV to bring in Internet as well. Since Frontier bundles itself with Dish, that will be interesting to watch play out.

Isn’t corporately owned communications technology wonderful?

So right now I’m blogging from the coffeehouse in the nearby small mountain city. This is after doing damage control from some unexpected water sloshing in our basement that made some already dirty quilts and blankets into a bigger, smellier, heavier mess.

Still, life is amazingly good… even curiously so. Love to all my readers. I might even try to go easy on my anti-corporate rants, because there’s nothing ordinary human beings can do about that stuff, and I’m sure it just makes y’all roll y’all’s eyes to read me go on and on about it.

Again, LOVE to all y’all.

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