Slightly Upset Stomach, Disconcerting Dream


Tummy wasn’t just exactly right this morning, and so…

I dreamed I was on Wilmington Island, between Savannah and Tybee, and I had discovered a shocking result of my mathematical studies: Numbers were controlling human beings! Everyone had a number, it was programmed into us somehow, each was different, and there were two different types. The dream did not describe the difference, but it appeared to be along the lines of different categories of positive integers relating to my recent studies.

It was a vast conspiracy and that was all the dream told me about it. What a relief to wake up to Corporate Personhood in America! We’re better than free, we’re expensive! 🙂

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  1. JCSBimp – Christian Zen Discordian. I act. I sing. I go on and on about stuff. I do math. I go on and on about stuff. Federal Civilian Retiree, Tenor Section Leader, Happy Father and Grandfather. In love with my wife Wendy.

    I thanked God, Jesus Christ, and MIRIAM too, and my morning got better QUICKLY. Correlation Is Not Causation … but Practice Makes Perfect, and Success is sometimes all the Proof I got. 😀

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