Jan 6 Hearings Opener:


Glad I watched, thankful it’s happening, but absolutely over with the hype before the hearing even began.

These hearings are “blockbuster”? Feh.

The evidence will be a “bombshell”? Feh Squared.

The Jan. 6 hearings are what the Committee is presenting to us in the public interest in making sure Government does its job. And in that spirit, Wendy J Yandle and I watched in a way we thought would be consistent with that: on PBS.

You know, the Public Broadcasting for which a certain Party and its past President would cut governmental support entirely, if they had their way? The very Party, by the way, that gave us a Radical Right that has been – and to a sad extent still is – absolutely happy-happy-hunky-dory with the insurrection attempt of January 6, 2021…

Nope. This isn’t blockbuster coverage of a bombshell set of hearings/revelations/presentations to me. This is a well-executed (and so far it is, in spades) process of our Government Doing Its Job and actually honoring its oath to defend us from enemies foreign AND domestic. They did not skimp on the verbiage to describe it in those terms, and that, my fellow Americans, was extremely refreshing.

I hope you watched, too. But not because it was some huge-a-mongous ratings coup.

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  1. Beautifully stated “Mr. Bimp”!

    1. JCSBimp – Christian Zen Discordian. I act. I sing. I go on and on about stuff. I do math. I go on and on about stuff. Federal Civilian Retiree, Tenor Section Leader, Happy Father and Grandfather. In love with my wife Wendy.

      Thank you, Mr. DeCamp!

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