I’m Kinda Busy (and Political) on Social Media Today.


I did point out elsewhere – after reading and sharing a post that states (correctly) that Pres. Biden is not to blame for high gas prices – that there is a *little* blame to be placed on many if not all politicians in leadership positions, whether they caused or simply have done little or nothing to stop Corporate Personhood and “Running Government Like a Business” from stripping Corporations like Big Oil from restrictions – and from the obligation to pay taxes in many cases – and placing the burden on Us, the People, the REAL PERSONHOOD whom Government should be of, by, and for.

It is the allure of the Dark Money Teat to both of the Top Two Parties and to all branches of our government that is slowing down progress toward accountability for past and continuing corruption in the halls of our Government.

We are allowing Clear and Present Dangers and Domestic Threats to stay in office and to run again because we simply won’t wean ourselves from the Dark Money Teat – from unlimited political campaign donations and lobbying cash out of the pockets of the powerful who have an outsized vote thanks to Citizens United: “Money Is Free Speech.”

As a retired civilian U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) employee, that violation of our sacred oaths, that dereliction of our duty, now seems odious to me, especially because it has continued, and worsened, since my days of employment and of witnessing the destructive “Run Government Like a Business” mantra.

That mantra was paid for. Politicians, pundits, and pastors used that money to run their manipulation machines, as did Mass Media, both journalistic and entertainment.

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