Resuming Work on “The Bimp Book”: An Absent-Minded, Anonymized Autobiography


I’m taking up working on “The Bimp Book” again, among my other activities and not to replace any of them. It’s my somewhat anonymized, absentmindedly-authorized autobiography, and it’s really just a collection of whatever I have to say about whatever parts of my life make it into neatly categorized chapters or sections. No proper names will appear in the book, unless they are city names or politicians or supervillains or something like that. 😀 Okay. Television shows and movies. Lots of those. But nobody I really know or knew has very much to worry about here.

My most recent additions, and they haven’t been many since I only started this morning, have been in the fan obsessions area. I haven’t even gotten to Twin Peaks yet. Hoo Boy.

Did I say I really provided a nice outline for where The Bimp Book should go with an extensive amount of early work on the section headings, the parts of my life I wanted to describe in the Book? No, I didn’t say that. But all that early work I did was really nice of me to do for myself.

Feel free to read along as I continue to update This Thing.

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