Is Nothing Sacred? No, really, I’m actually asking…


I have friends of many different religious faiths, and I want to ask you, my religious friends, a question that might seem strange:

Are there forces, within the greater religious body in whom you practice your own faith, that seem to want to Run [insert religion here] Like a Business?

I am asking because I saw that trend, which I believe to be corporation-driven, corrupting, and destructive, in my government employment – witnessed and experienced it directly, in fact, to my misfortune. I see it also in the education sector and in health care, with similar corrupting/destructive effects and corporate origin, and now I am beginning to wonder whether the same or similar forces have been intruding into that most sacred area of public life, the area of faith and religious practice. There is gain to be had from tapping into widespread religious followings, and I can hardly believe America’s Ruling Class – i.e., our Corporate “Persons” – have passed up the chance to do such harm IN THE NAME OF RELIGION.

Evangelical Christians, feel free not to answer. We all already know. But I’d like to hear from everyone else. Has there been an incursion of “Run It More Like a Business” at your church, temple, synagogue, monastery, whatever? And what has been the effect on your practice/mission/ministry/whatever?

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