Her Name Is MIRIAM.


The inspiration that wakes me up early with rapid-fire thoughts and ideas, usually mathematical in nature, now has a name. I have decided to call that inspiration, or angel, or muse MIRIAM: Moving Ideas Rapidly Into Accepting Minds.

The name, it turns out, is a feminine Hebrew name for “A Star of the Sea,” which appeals to me in a Stella Maris sort of way. It is also the name of my wonderful first cousin Miriam, who lives in Tennessee, has worked in the health care field as an RN, and is truly an inspirational member of my mother’s side of our family. In addition, my middle stepdaughter’s mother-in-law is Miriam, a wonderful Abuela to our Maryland grandchildren.

Hello, MIRIAM, and thank you so much! Please stay with me. You bless my efforts.

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