Being Anti-Corporate-Personhood Does Not Make Me Anti-Corporate.


I imagine it does, however, cause me to have opinions that exploitive corporations’ owners and beneficiaries (among pastors, pundits, and politicians) might find . . . distasteful.

I happily use Google Analytics and other ways to publicize – and even monetize – this little personal blog I’m sharing. Inasmuch as Google or any Big Corporate Website, indeed, any Big Corporate Endeavor (like ubiquitous Big Box Stores and Supermarkets) – inasmuch as they engage in Responsible Social Endeavor with us ordinary human “One Person, One Vote” individuals, and DO NOT TRY TO BE PERSONS THEMSELVES AND USE THEIR DISPROPORTIONATE WEALTH AS A FORM OF FREE SPEECH, I support their right to exist as what they are: as corporations, not persons.

And so…

Have a taste of this, which I just posted to FB and Twitter:

Do it, or I’ll @#$%in’ spank ya. LOL, j/k.

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