Thankfulness for the Blessed Inner Fire


Yesterday, I let some typically silly worries and unnecessary negative thought (aggravation at communication glitches from sources both personal and technological) “cloud my sunny mood” so to speak (h/t Dan Hicks), and make me worry that the inspiration that has greeted me daily in the early morning might actually wane as my life gets ready to take on more of what I might call typical daily responsibilities, as a husband and a father and a guardian of our pets.

There was no need to worry, I don’t think. I woke up very early again this morning, not necessarily with math inspiration/ideas/questions rushing into my head – although ideas were there and I am taking a little time to explore them – but also with a burning desire to finish up more of the cleaning around the house for Wendy’s return. It is going well. In doing this, I together with the One who inspires me, got that lovely inner fire burning again. I feel it, and am very thankful for it. I look forward to sharing much goodness that may come of it, in many ways, with my Beloved.

“We really need tantra these days because there is a tremendous explosion of delusion and distraction.and we need the atomic energy of inner fire to blast us out of our delusion.” – Tibetan Lama Yeshe

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