This Afternoon’s Excitement: The Basement, and the Bird


[Copied from a Facebook post.]

I do feel a little sheepish for posting so darned much – what an incredible week or two it’s been! what an incredible life! – but events flowed together within the past hour in a remarkable way, a confluence that seemed a little miraculous. I was doing a tough job downstairs that was both well overdue and made necessary by a large amount of my own neglect and laziness. Luckily, whatever Divine energies helped me with my math study still seemed to be helping me with this: Energy and motivation poured in and I was gettin’ ‘er done like [sheepishly said] never before.

Suddenly, down came three of the adult cats in Full Ferocity Mode. Cali, Jazz, and Jeff all made a BIG racket getting down the stairs and ran into the main basement room where I was and over to near the lower patio sliding glass doors. I reflexively told them, “Cool it, cats!” but then a few minutes later saw the reason for their commotion: A small bird – maybe a phoebe, but more possibly a grey gnatcatcher, I think – was trying to escape their pursuit. I tried the old trick I had used a couple of years ago on the screened porch, holding up a mop handle, but no dice. The bird wasn’t having any of that. He or she made it up to the top of the refrigerator, and then moved from place to place to escape me gently trying to facilitate an escape. After a while, I could see the bird was panting, and in a kind of halfway stunned recovery mode, as if perhaps it had smacked into a window before the cats had given it chase. It was trying to recover. I used that fact, finally, after a few tries, to scoot a plastic pitcher under the bird’s butt, at which point birdie tumbled backwards into the pitcher, and I was able to open the sliding glass door and shove the pitcher outward and upward – but not too forcefully. The bird flew off, and will now enjoy Memorial Day weekend with its family, probably watching #FlocksNews or some kind of seed-commercial-laden nature show about how those crazy humans interact with those scary canines and felines in their ridiculous maze-like nests.

What a week! What a life. I love our mountain/river home, these sacred lands, and am having a blast in the mental/spiritual/transcendent? space I’ve suddenly found myself in. Slept pretty darned well last night, too, now that – you-know-what – is pretty much wrapped up.

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