Math Study: Number Pegboards and Series of Ceiling Squares


I have put a new mathematical study paper up on Google Docs.

This is my “Eureka” moment, even though I feel like I have been having a continuing series of those lately. (Is this what enlightenment feels and acts like?)

To Ms. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein ( Remember your character Azarya in “36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction,” and his notion of prime numbers as angels? Well, as I have indicated elsewhere, I tend to agree with the notion of Azarya’s Angels, and now I cannot shake the impression that they have been singing to me in the very early hours of morning.

To the American Mathematical Society ( I do not truly have any idea whether the ideas and mathematical structures I have explored here are groundbreaking or even new, but they could be very fruitful for mathematical visualization, they have come from my original research over the past month, and, if you are interested, I want you and, frankly, anyone to be able to share them as well.

My Political Opinion related to this: Mathematical knowledge should be free, even in this day and age of Corporate Personhood and Money As Speech.

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