Some “WIBNI” Thoughts I Had While I Was Out


WIBNI all the misfortune in the world was only caused by accident or by people acting deliberately and specifically to hurt others, or only caused by people whose motivations are demonstrably evil, selfish, or greedy, rather than people whom someone powerful, privileged, and shrewd has manipulated: either a person or some organized entity whose motivations are evil, selfish, or greedy, or persons or entities which have been manipulated by an original and deliberate corrupting cause?

Because then, I dunno, maybe there would be lots less bad stuff going on, and those of you who have positions of prominence, power, and prosperity, whether in Government, Religion, Broadcasting, or the rest of the Professional world, might have more time and effort that you can spend on making existence better for the human beings whom you have taken it upon yourselves to help … or to pretend to help.

Mind you, I do realize that at least some of the time, the deliberate greed, harm, and selfishness can arise from a desperate grasping at happiness, or a desperate pushing away of suffering.

But why contribute to compounding suffering for everyone, just to increase happiness and prosperity for you?


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