My Integer Factorization Study: An Extended Pause


I am pausing in my study of these numbers and their behaviors for a while, for two good reasons:

  1. The seeming chaos of some of the relationships between numbers was just too much for my brain to handle.
  2. I need to concentrate on the extensive cleaning tasks I need to complete in order to get Mountain River Chalet into a condition that will make my wife Wendy happy, or at least will not make her unhappy, upon her return in just a few weeks.

Also pertinent here is the psychological pull these mathematical ideas and inspirations have had on me, and their effect on my personal behavior. It has been exhilarating, really, to have ideas rush at me when I pop awake in the early – sometimes pre-dawn – hours of morning, and not let me go back to sleep. But obsession is not always the friend of balance and discipline. I need to be careful. In the pure joys I have discovered for my life, I have sometimes been immoderate.

And so I am leaving some ideas for me to pick back up later. Calvin, don’t go pounding away at these ideas now!

  • Focus on that interesting relationship n=(c12-r)/(s-c1).
  • In general, look more at the seeming chaos in the relationship between s-r, s/r, c2/c1, and c2-c1=n.

Again, Calvin, don’t go down these rabbit holes of research now! They will be there, ready for satisfying work and, I hope, stunning revelations when you have made the house really nice for Wendy!

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