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There is a light of divinity that has occasionally been directly apprehended and somewhat abundantly realized by various human beings. Each of them perceived it, reacted to it, and sought to spread what he or she discovered about it (or seemed to have always known), in his or her own way. If there are sentient “its” somewhere in the far-flung Universe, I suspect they, too, have been in contact with that light, that divine spark. People who say the spark is a person are speaking truth, falsity, and meaninglessness. So are the people who say it’s some entity we don’t yet understand. They are correct, they are mistaken, and they are saying things that really don’t matter. No mind has fully apprehended the Divine. This is also true, false, and meaningless. And the biggest truth which is false and means nothing is as follows: There is no need for anyone who has perceived the Divine Spark to fight with any other person who has perceived it differently. We’ve all got patterns set up differently in our brains, forming our minds and (perhaps) even our selves, and when that spark gets in, it might just resonate with our frequencies, our particular conduits and symbols. And few, very few of us realize the presence of The Divine Within, always waiting for us to discover and kindle its fire, play its music, bathe in its sublime vibration. So for most of us, Deity exists behind a cloud of unknowing, if it indeed exists at all. The Kingdom of Heaven is where? Yes. No. Who cares?

There are those who will readily agree with what I’ve said. There are those who will dismiss it outright, immediately, perhaps even violently if they think my meager words merit such a reaction. And there are those, perhaps outnumbering the first two “thoses”, for whom it simply will matter not.

And you know what? They’re all right. I have no idea what I’m babbling about. Or do I? Does it matter?

“He’s right, and he’s right? How can they both be right?”
“You know, you are also right!”

(Originally blogged on July 21, 2010)

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