Initial Feeling-Outy-Type Thingy


Hello, WordPress blog world. It’s just me. Some of you might know who I am from elsewhere. To the rest of you, Peace.

3 responses to “Initial Feeling-Outy-Type Thingy”

  1. Cool. Just lettin’ you know we’re here!

  2. Yes, indeed… Lord in Heaven, I’ve got lots of blog-reading to catch up on, on both sites! Been so busy. Hello! Gonna blogroll ya, as soon as I figure out the mechanics.

  3. down2thethread – I'm a complex individual susceptible to the blank of life that enthralls and lures us in an engulfing governmental subconscious state of acceptance. You are us. We are them. Don't really dig down and be the freak you are. Writing this, I feel a change coming on. I hope you feel it, too. With each blog, i hope to further confuse you and make you ask the question…why?? Or, just post cool stuff I find interesting. :3

    Peace back! (I have no idea where i am…lost in the blogosphere!!)

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